Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Weekly Round Up

Let's start things up by bringing you this track by Argentino The Don Feat. Ricky White & DJ Quality.
The beat itself is some pure heat sampling Nicki Minaj's track Starships.
Argentino & Quality are members of Hit Em Up a crew and upcoming label from Chicago who are known for throwing some of the hottest house parties a couple years back.
Ricky White a member of RockSteady Boys teamed up with these two dudes to bring you guys a track dedicated to all the pot smokers out there so roll up a blunt and vibe to this.

 From San Diego, California Fresh & Cutz bring you a recent track they released called I Get High.
Many people may recognized this track since it's a remake they made to Freda Payne's track I Get High which was released in 1977.
You can also recognize this track as it was sampled on one of Juicy J's tracks called Wax.
Fresh & Cutz bring you this track with some Nu Disco, House feel to it, play this track anywhere and it will probably bring back memories when it's played in front of a crowd.

Bro Safari, UFO! & Jesse Slayter released a Twerk track a while back called Beat It Up.
Well Mega Mike from Chicago decided to remix the track and made a Drum and Bass version instead.
This is some Chicago bass at it's finest with Drum and Bass being a popular genre from the 90's but we can conclude that it's still alive until this day and especially in some clubs in Chicago.

Beyonce's popular track Drunk In Love has been one of the most current remixed songs from House to Jersey to even Juke.
DJ Flawlez had his turn on this track and without a doubt the man himself made a Juke remix to it.
This track will guarantee some booty clapping whenever it's played in a local house party in your neighborhood.

J-Lektro is a producer from Chicago who's been at this music game for quite a while.
He's back at it again by bringing you a 5 remix EP he made remixing a couple songs from Pharrell's new album G I R L.
The EP has a variety of genres from Orchestral vibes to Techno synths from the 303.
Here's one of the tracks from the EP called Fire Booty some Booty Techno House to keep the crowd alive.

Xclusive Audio is a crew from Chicago consisting of members like Kid Phresh, Serdna, Dmas, & more.
Their style of producing music comes in many forms from bmore to trap to even house music.
Here's a latest track they recently released called Shots Fired having a number of samples many of us are familiar with.
This track can sum up what the producers from Xclusive Audio has to offer. A track with bmore, trap, and some moombahton!

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