Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Weekly Round Up

Lets start things up by bringing you these two awesome remixes to The Weeknd's Drunk In Love Remix by Gant-Man! This guy made a Juke and Footwork version to this track and has them available for free download.

Major Lazer made a new EP called Apocalypse Soon which is out on the 25th of February. One of the tracks off the EP is called Aerosol Can featuring Pharell who was in Daft Punk's popular track Get Lucky. Well FIGHT CLVB decided to remix this Dance Hall track by adding a Baltimore Club feel to it. You can download this track by going to their Like page on Facebook.

Figure is the go to guy when you need creepy horror electro music with a lot of bass! Here's a new track he recently released with a some creepy Halloween vocals and noises that will terrify your crowd especially with all that bass. 

Flappy bird was the most popular game for the android and iPhone's. Everybody downloaded this game but hated it so much cause they couldn't get a higher number than 3. Sean & Bobo will probably convince you to like the game by enjoying this original Trap song they made for it. They even sampled the little noise the game makes when you go through the tubes!

DJ Reck & DJ Tim Dolla bring you this remix to the popular Versace track. These dude's are in Brick Bandits so you know they don't mess around when it comes to Jersey Club music. The best part of this track is that it's available for Free Download!

Kusarigama is a producer from Tokyo, Japan who's into 8bit/Chiptune type of music. This is actually a song from his new EP he released called Yamanashi EP a 3 track EP featuing some of his best 8bit/Chiptune music up to date. Every time I listen to Sessho I just wanna play some old school PlayStation 1 games until my eyes fall off and maybe pop an ecstasy afterwards.

If your from Chicago then you definitely know who's Porn & Chicken! From hosting and DJing at Evil Olive every Monday these guys have DJ'ed at Spring Awakening and at North Coast to even traveling to places like in Hawaii to perform. We bring you this new track from them featuring Justin Tranter called Let It Bleed this track is from the Let It Bleed Remix EP featuring remixes from Zebo, Robots On The Sun, and Milty Evans.

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