Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Mix Roundup

Check it out viewers here's some current mixes I've been listening too & some that I received from the DJ's themselves. We have a variety of mixes for you guys to enjoy! Majority of these are available for Free download so don't miss out on them. Listen to them while being on your way to work, smoking that loud, cruising down the highway, or anything interesting (or boring) that you do when your in the mood to listening to some music.

Up first I got this mixtape from a local DJ in Chicago called DJ Audeo Attack! A 48 minute mix featuring some of the best Trap/Trapstyle music nothing but pure 808 bass type of shit right here!

 This mix is by mister Jon Kwest a member from Remix Renegades bringing you a 74 minute mix from 1999 with not but pure banging House! All those old school heads might wanna look into this and be amazed to what Jon Kwest offers!

 Juke heads watch out! Here's Taso bringing you a 66 minute mix with nothing but pure Juke music! To make things even better it's features tracks from Taso & the Teklife crew! Chicago Juke heads tune into this and get your footwork on to some Boylan, DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Moondoctor, & many more!

 Inversions is a DJ Duo straight out of Chicago, bringing you what's new in Electronic House, Progressive, House & much more! Here's a 75 minute mix of what their about featuring music from Hardwell, Dannic, Clockwork, & more!

 Juke Underground is going hard with that Juke by bringing you Juke World Order a compilation filled with over 70+ Juke tracks from DJ's around the globe! From Chicago all the way to Tokyo only the hottest producers in the Juke game are in here. We bring you this 50 minute mix from Hi$to showing you the songs that are featured on the compilation.

 Dave Luxe brings you a 49 minute mixtape he did for the Jean Pierre Radio Show! This mix right here was aired live during their weekly show in Nantes, France! This mix is filled with nothing but Rap, R&B, & of course Bass!

DJ Al threw down on a quick 39 minute mix with nothing but pure Bmore, Jersey Club, & Philly Club! Featuring some dope tracks from producers like DJ JayHood, Blaqstarr, DJ Tray & many more this mix won't disappoint when it comes to Club music!

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