Monday, January 20, 2014

The Weekly Roundup

Check it out guys! We have a new music coming your way! But first we just want to say that we will no longer blog like we use too before therefore no more Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo, Free Mix Wednesday, Melting Pot Mondays, Bmore Thursdays, & etc. What we will bring you guys instead is 10 tracks from different genres 2-3 times a week! That way you'll have music from different genres to fill up your music crates in Serato. We will  be blogging like this for the rest of 2014, but if we decide we don't like it we will just go back to our old ways and blog like how when we first started.

So to start things off we have a couple tracks that are all for FREE DOWNLOAD we got music from the homies over at California 2Deep Ft Soniye & Ookay! We got artists from Chicago PHNM & Objectives with some Club Music! & a couple of other artists from around the U.S. & World make sure to support their tracks by commenting, sharing, & downloading!  

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