Monday, September 16, 2013

Versace Mixtape

What's up guys?! Here's some TWO new tracks off the Versace Mixtape!
We got some 100BPM Twerk music and some 131 House music!
Up first we have DJ Blenn releasing this time an original track rather than a remix. He was currently on last week's post when he remixed Static's track which you can read more about HERE!
You can read more about him and his work on the link we provided that way we don't have to repeat ourselves twice but for those that don't want too.
Blenn is an upcoming producer from Chicago who's into making mostly Juke/Ghetto House music. He's also in a music entertainment called Hit Em Up Entertainment.
Check out this track he made called Twerk Sum, it's some 100BPM Twerk music with some samples that we probably know. (Brick squaddddddd!)

This other track is from a producer under the name Elock he's currently from Pilsen located on the Southside of Chicago this fellow right here was a former member of We! Are! Your! Friends!
He started his music career by DJing since the age of 14 later on in life he produced chiptune music and later advanced his sounds by producing genres like Electro House & Dubstep while sampling chiptune.
Check out this track he made called Crystals it's a 131BPM House track with some freaky waterish and twinkly sounds that sounds amazing to your ears.

Reach them in the internet world y'all!



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