Thursday, March 21, 2013

B'more Thursday 3.21.13

Chicago U is back and today is B'more Thursday
Let's get it!

   Earlier this week, Top Billin dropped the second volume of the New Jersey Club EP by ClubHeadSliim. 

While you're at it be sure to check out  his single "Shake" featuring Chippy Nonstop on Japan based Proper Pedigree Recrods. 

    James Nasty & TT the Artist are killin it lately. They collab'd on this a little while back, c-c-c-heck it out!

Chicago's Sal "Mad-Man" Medina sent this banger in to us through our dropbox.

 DJ Tiga of the Brick Bandits is droppin the Beat'n Down Yo Block EP next week through Moveltraxx records. If you're into Jersey Trap, this is for you!

This that new K-Millz the Internets is goin nuts bout!

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JayBizz LeFresh signing out

 Stay Fresh Ya'll

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