Thursday, December 27, 2012

B'more Thursdays 12.27.12

Ehhyo I took a week off, but I'm back with some new club chunes for ya'll.
I even got this done before 8pm. Yeeeeeah

The Philly Club King, DJ Sega is droppin the Is That Your EP - EP on New Years; It represents a fresh beginning, a new start, and a slight parodied perspective of EDM. This should hold yall down til next week.   

The Weeknd gets remixed by Chicago's Air$oft. 
Is this experimental r&b club music?
Who cares?! This is doope!

No economy class over here... First Class by Whiskers Po, featured on the #TOMCREW compilation End Times.

Even with the sample this still sounds like some forward thinking club music. 
Montreal's Phil Sparkz of the Booty Bakery wants yall to return his calls. 

...Ya'll know the deal...
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Stay Fresh Ya'll

JayBizz LeFresh signin out

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