Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo

What's up hoodrats? Here's another round of Bonce Dat Ass On Da Flo! We have some amazing Juke/Footwork tracks to add to your next set this upcoming weekend! We got tracks from Flubba, DJ Cool Catt, Juke Ellington, We Are Your Friends, & Miko!! Their all available for FREE DOWNLOAD so don't miss out! Listen, Share, & Download these tracks!! Show some support by also leaving feedback on their Soundcloud page! Don't forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and also DROPBOX YOUR TRACKS/MIXES on our soundcloud page to be feature on our next blog post! Cheers!!

Cream Dream & Noms - Creamy Noms (Flubba juke remix) By Flubba

Tyga Do My Dance (Dj Cool Catt) JukeRemix By Dj Cool Catt (GOOMERZ)

TGE (The Gray Earl) - Gloryhole to Another Dimension (Juke Ellington Remix) By Juke Ellington

We Are Your Friends - Clit Commander Vs The Footmaster By We!Are!Your!Friends!

Miko - Cause Your Diamonds Cloudy By MikoWarszafffka

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