Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FREE Mix Wednesday

What's up y'all? Here's another round of FREE Mix Wednesday! We got mixes from DJ's like Zebo, DJSliink, MalinLescrott, & Double Oh Pimo!! All these mixes are available for FREE download! So don't miss out and get them while you still can! We got some Trap, Electronic, and more genres on these mixes!! Listen, Download, and Share y'all!! Don't forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and also DROPBOX YOUR TRACKS/MIXES ON SOUNDCLOUD to be featured on our next blog post! Cheers!!

Zebo - Trap to the Future Part 5 By zebo

Dj Sliink Set For Diplo & Friends On BBC 1Xtra [ 11.24.12 ] CLEAN By DjSliink

strutting their whats By MalinLescrott

Pug Life (Double Oh Pimo Mini-Mix) By Double Oh Pimo

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