Thursday, November 8, 2012

B'more Thursdayz 11.08.12

Ehhyo its B'More Thursdayz.
 Tits, Ass, & Club music for everyone!
Letz do this.
  Sometimes you just wanna fuck someone up... DJ Steel gots that fight music.

  New Booty Bounce music from Mike Gip! 
Where all the bad girls at? Now shake that ass. 

Once again DJ Sega proves to ya'll there is no boundaries when it comes to club music; Earlier this year he sampled Angry Birds, this time its an angry bus driver. Uppercut snares & all!

 FREE 13 track compilation from the Cartel Music family; Top40 club remixes & throwback jams!

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JayBizz LeFresh signing out 
~ Stay Fresh Ya'll ~

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