Thursday, November 1, 2012

B'More Thursdayz 11.01.12

JayBizz LeFresh here once again... Its been a bit of slow week for club music, so today's edition of B'more Thursdays gots a mix of new and old club jams.

Jon Kwest is so versatile with his production game; Moombahton, footwork, trap and yes of course..Baltimore club music.

This club dub works because theres minimal Chris Brown.. and Lil Wayne, that stupid hoe
& DJ Khaled aren't on the track... Jon Kwest, you the best!


Fuckin' two bad bitches at the same damn time

Damn girl where you'd find this?
 Kilbourne sent it to our dropbox!

When I first discovered B'more I downloaded everything Schwarz put out. His soundcloud is like a treasure chest of dopeness; you mightn't find any booty, but his tracks can bring the booty to you.

          If you don't have any Emynd in your crates you're truly slippin!

Doesn't this reminds you of the Halloween theme with R.Kelly??...Close your eyes... Imagine being trapped in a closet with R. Kelly, Jason and Young Jeezy....Spooky, yet real trap shit.

Stay Fresh Ya'll

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