Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bmore Thurdayz 11.22.12

Bmore Thursdayz! This weeks edition is for the ladies, cuz they'll ignite that dancefloor a lot faster than a bunch of guys leaning against the wall. Don't worry fellas, there's plenty of naked chicks tho.

Play this out, Ms Porsh goes in, and nothin makes ladies wanna dance more than a song bout some other lady sangin bout how she wants to dance..Smart...Peep that new Jayhood joint too, woulda posted it but its only a preview. << Bandz (also) make her dance.

   This that Hesk remix off Koloah's first release on Montreal's Raw Records. Grab that EP for those bassy, grimey, and futuristic type beats.

  TT The Artist and Murder Mark are running things in B'more right now. While you're at it, cop the instrumental, clean, and trap versions of Pussy Ate.

Diamonds are a girls best friend
This trapped out club remix from Kuddie J goes in.

Moar RiRi & Kuddie J + Nadus,  why not??

This remix uplifts the hell outta the original version and those choppy vocals and kicks go hard.
If Jersey's baby mama was Ultra Records, and their love child could speak.. 
It'd be all euphoric & hood like this.

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