Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo

What's up Hoodrats? Here's another round of Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo! We got some new Juke/Footwork tracks to dance your ass off or to spin at the next club your at! We got tracks from H-Sik, BalloonFight, Molly Bass, Umbertron, & Lil Jabba!! Listen Download and Share these amazing tracks and don't forget to show some love to these artist!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Just simply click HERE!! & Don't forget to Dropbox your tracks so you can be featured on our next blog! Just click HERE!!

Blaxton - XTND ( H-SIK Remix ) By H-SIK

DMX - Get It On The Floor (Balloon Fight - Too Much Bass Hz Remix) By Balloonfight

GoRGoN. By LiL ≏ JaBBA

Vogue By MollyBass

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