Thursday, October 25, 2012

B'more Thurdayz 10.25.2012

JayBizz LeFresh here once again because Its B'more Thursdayz. This week I got some clubby goodness ya'll. But before we get down to business I just wanna remind ya'll Halloween is next week && if you wanna get your music posted send it to our dropbox.

Alex Supremee & MadMan sent us a trapped out B'more remix of Senta by French Fries. Those kicks are like one hunned thousand baby fetuses rioting in ya mama's belly; the original trap.

Cartel Music. Cartel Music.
DJ Tray gots the hoodrats doin the Kapongo Dance in stilletto's & pumps for some #FreeChicken. Featured on Moveltraxx's first free compilation; Da Movelt Bucket.

Nadus is supplying the soundtrack to all the strippers payin off their university tuition. Get it guuurl.

Ram Jam is soundin real nice over these club beats.
Does Neder Club exist?? Either way, thank Weslo for this Black Betty Remix.

Check out Murder Mark's video for My Garage then Download his latest mixtape;
Ayo Vol. 3, its jam packed with that real gutter Baltimore club music

That's it for this week, if you like us, then LIKE us. Im out, Stay Fresh Ya'll!

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