Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FREE Mix Wednesday!

Check this shit out! Here's 4 new mixes for today! We got some Trap, Jersey Club, Hip Hop, & Disco House for those delicate ears of yours! Grab them for free download while you still can! We got some fucking Trap music from Elblanconino go cop his fucking 50 minute mix now! We also got V5's very own DJ Kidd Royal (Click on the link to like his page!) bringing you 30 minutes of Hip-Hop free download suckas! we also have a 60 minute disco house mix from an upcoming local DJ from Chicago named Martin Arredondo do him a favor and leave him some feedback! And last but not least Mr. Joe Snarky bringing a 35 minute mix of nothing but Goombawave/Jersey Club!! Check it out gangstas! Free download!

Before you check out the mixes though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Our Fellow DJ, Mister Sype joined a contest to open up for Figure and Bro Safari.. Do him a favor and Vote For This Guy! ( <---just click on the link) sign in with your Facebook and click vote!!!!! Every single vote counts!! Please and thank you!! -Chicago University

It's A Trap! By Elblanconino 

Masters In The Mix VOL.3-WCRX By DJ Kidd Royal

Soul Gold By Martin Arredondo

Joe Snarky - Your Former Teenage Crush Mixx By Joe Snarky 

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