Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo
(Top 10 fav. Juke tracks we found on Soundcloud) 

What's up gangstas?! We're back bitches! Due to the fact that were still in school we didn't have time to blog since we had to study for finals and make sure we didn't have to go to summer school and also we were making sure our DJ Mr. Sype finished his Juke mixtape Twerk It (Volume 2) which you can listen to if you click on the title of his mixtape (Be nice and leave him some feedback<3)... Anyways enough of our pathetic lifes now that summer started we will be back it again and bringing you the top 10 Juke tracks we find on Souncloud! We got sounds from Juke Ellington, Static, Blur, Wooferface and many more! We got Juke tracks from the U.S. and from the other side of the globe! So enjoy, download them, and play them at your next upcoming event this weekend! And don't forget to leave them some feedback on their music! Cheers!

P.s. Happy Fathers Day from us! #ChicagoUniversity

Leave us some of your dopest Juke/Footwork tracks on our DJ's dropbox so you can be featured next week! 
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 Senta Cruz - Paradize ( Juke Ellington Edit ) By Juke Ellington

She'll Fuck For A Buck Ft. DJ Chip By Static (Chicago)

Cashing Out juke remix -Dj Dannyjamz By DjDaniijamz 

Dude 'n Nem - Watch my Feet (Wooferface Remix) By Wooferface

DJ Rashad - Ride This Dick (Hesk Remix) By Hesk

Scwm (Unsigned) By Skimatix

Cheif Keef-Dont Like(B1urOne Remix) By B1ur-One(Goomerz)

JayBizz LeFresh - IRON LION By JayBizz LeFresh

J(ay).A.D - Baile Juke By J(ay).A.D

BodyRock - MoonDoctoR (End of the World EP Coming soon...) By Tony Mundaca/MoonDoctoR

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