Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo
(Top 10 fav. Juke tracks we found on Soundcloud)

What's up guys?! Here's another edition of Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo... We decided to chill out with the topless women for a bit so instead we'll post up some weird ass pictures we find on the internet.. Sike. We'll still post up pictures of topless women except not that much as we normally do.. Anyways here's some Juke tracks from artist around Chicago and around the world. We got some exclusive tracks from an upcoming EP from Juke artist around the world called "Worldwide Juke EP" and also a track from Dice Beat's released EP "Dat Jukaton EP"! Show some love by leaving them some love on their tracks.

Leave us some of your dopest Juke/Footwork tracks on our DJ's dropbox! (Make our job some what easier!)
Send me your sounds

Musley - Killers Juke By Musley

Crank Dat (Phat Funky A$$) By Bronza

Gucci Lui Prada Juke - Dannyjamz By DjDaniijamz

Usher - Climax (Dj Blenn Quick Hitter Juke remix) By DjBlenn773


Kaptain Cadillac - Bounce & Bang (DJ Flawlez Remix) By DJ Flawlez

Neighbors Know My Name - Dice Beats Jukaton By DICE BEATS (CHICAGO)

LeBelgeElectrod - Chin Up and Canada By LBE / LeBelgeElectrod

Crookers - Get The Fuck Out Of My House (Milangeles rmx) By MILANGELES

Tweed (Forthcoming WorldwideJuke EP) By Dabblr

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