Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo
(Top 10 fav. Juke tracks we found on Soundcloud)

Send me your sounds
What's up guys?! Here's another round of Chicago University's Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo! We got some amazing Juke tracks from artist around the globe giving you some hot music for your next DJ set check these tracks out and give them some feedback on their soundcloud!

Strangarang (Original Mix) By Wooferface

Milangeles - Blue Sky (Ckrono & Slesh rmx) By MILANGELES

Dj Phaze - get it daddy By Phazeraw


Dj KnockOut- HorseBellJuke(*JukeIt*) By Dj- KnockOut

Pop Bottles Bitch - Dice Beats (JukeTechno Shit)  By DICE BEATS (CHICAGO)

Fuzzy Logic - don´t get mad (128 kbps) By Fuzzy Logic

Lefty - Switch my style (NIKES VIP) By Nikes

Im'a By +verb

Rush'd - Gukee [FREE DOWNLOAD] By Rush'd


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