Thursday, March 1, 2012

BMore Thursdays
Top 10 Bmore tracks on soundcloud

What's up guys? Sorry for the late post on today's blog we were busy doing some stuff but umm... Here you go! BMore Thursdays! Get ready to enjoy some of the most psychedelic Bmore tracks from artist from Jersey, Philly, Chicago, & More! We even provided their Soundcloud link on the bottom of each track so you can check out their other tracks and stuff... Enjoy!

Irresistible - Im on one (Jersey club music) by Dj Irresistible


Waka Flocka- Hard in Da Paint(Bmore Remix) by B1ur-One(Goomerz)


Bill Conti - Rocky Balboa Theme (Rico South Baile vs Baltimore Bootleg) by Rico South

SwagDeluxe - Get up! (instrumental) by michel broekmeulen (SWAG)

Timmy's Theme by DJ Sega


Frank Ski - Theres Some Hoes in This House (Airsoft Remix) by Air Soft

Taylor Gang Theme by DJ Tim Dolla

POWER (SAiNT Remix) by SAiNT

Drake feat. Rihanna - Take Care (Syko Remix) by SyKo (Chicago)

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