Monday, February 13, 2012

"Original Don" Ep?
(Chicago,Philly,Jersey Edition?)

As we looked through Soundcloud bored out our minds we decided to look up one of our favorite tracks.. Major Lazer- Original Don we searched up some remixes we could find and we found a couple that we think would be perfect as an EP from only Chicago, Philly, And Jersey artists!

(NOTE: This is NOT an official EP! It's just something we did out of boredom...)

First up we got an artist straight out of Chicago! Mr.UnothodoxQuality this guy can pretty much make a track out of any genre and also make a track out the most random-est things he could find... Like videos on youtube! Check out this Moombahton mixed with Hip-Hop remix he did!

Up next we got a well known Dj all the way from Philadelphia... Dj Sega! This guy can make a track out of anything!... And literally we mean ANYTHING! Like the theme song from Angry Birds, Pinky and the Brain, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, & More! Check out this dope remix he did for the Original Don track!

Check out this dope remix We Are Your Friends did for Original Don! These guys combined 3 genres on one awesome track! We got some Bmore, Electro, & Dub all in one eargasmic track! These guys know how to give you some epic eargasms!

Straight out of Jersey we got Mister DjSliink! This guy can make the dopest Jersey Club tracks you can find on Soundcloud! This track right here will make everybody on dance floor dance until their legs melt! and we can guarantee you that! So give this track a listen and prepare to dance!

If your a big fan of Trap Music like Mister Waka Flocka Flame than get ready to enjoy this Trap remix of Original Don! Flosstradamus are a group of guys straight out of Chicago, These guys even got support from Diplo by posting their remix on the Mad Decent Soundcloud page! So if your a big fan of Trap get ready to scream out FLOCKA (Even though Waka Flocka doesn't come out..) to this epic track!

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