Sunday, February 12, 2012

Juke Ellington - 6 minutes Of Ghetto

Chicago Underground Dj's very own Juke Ellington brings you this 6 minute mix of nothing but pure Booty Bouncin' Ghetto Music! Even though Juke Ellington lives in Belgium this guy is reppin' Chicago Underground Dj's overseas check out this 6 minute mix he did you won't regret it!

Check out his other mixes/tracks on soundcloud:

-The Heart Gently Weeps (Tigorilla & Cid Ikarus Remix)
-Shake Ya Tail (Supa Remix)- Dj Frosty (Produced By Dj_Jayhood & Dj Tameil)
-Kaptain Cadillac- Bullshit and Gangstashit
-Dookz- FukDat 808
-CRZKNY- Death Slave, MITEGUY Proof

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