Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dj Volterra- Unleash Yourself 2012

Unleash Yourself 2012 by Dj Volterra
Volterra is one of the fastest rising female Djs coming out of Southern California, getting her first big break with being hand picked to become the first female resident dj at THE HEIST which at the time was the biggest electronic dance concert in Los Angeles, Ever since this happen she has been able to take over dance floors all over Southern California. She has won awards in female dj competitions along with guest djing out of the state. Coming out with new mix tapes every month this girl is defiantly a star and a bright one at that! Being a female dj has been a big help in this scene she has chosen to be apart of, not only do all the boys fall head over heels for this little lady but the girls are also getting their hearts taken away by Volterra’s smile, personality and amazing Dj performances!

Follow Her on Twitter also: @DjVolterra

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