Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo
(Top 10 fav. Juke tracks we found on Soundcloud)

First up we got Nasty Dowze bringin' you this Ghetto House remix of Rick Ross's "Hustlin" Track! Get ready to juke your ass off as you dance to this killer remix!

Get your Footwork on and snort on that Cocaine while jammin' out to this track by Trigger City! "Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine" Available for FREE download!

Jam out and smoke a sack to this killer track by Dj Akeera! Besides the fact that it has dope picture of Ernie and Bert this track will certainly get a Hoe pregnant..

Next time your at a party and the DJ play's this song get ready to get your Juke/Footwork on while all your haters look at you take over the dance floor to this killer track by MoonDoctor!

Straight out of Belgium we got Coma! Get ready to lick some ass to this eargasmic track!... But we recommend you don't lick some ass, You can get an infection... Fuck it though! YOLO!

Up next we got Fatal Beat's very own Dj HipNotik! Get ready to grind to this dope Marvin's Room remix he made! Just make sure you don't get all emotional while dancing..

If your an ass lover and a fan of Big Sean than your gonna love this remix REMS made! Get ready to enjoy some ass shaking when you hear this song on the dance floor!

Get ready to get your bob on while jammin' out to this killer track by no other than Umbertron! Straight out of Chicago Umbertron brings you this track with that Hard House feeling to it also.. Available for FREE download!

"Tell that ni--a skudeenn!" Straight out of Chicago we got Jayy M! Member of the Chicago's Space Monkeys.. Get ready to get crazy while you Juke to this song!

"Bounce & Bang, Bounce & Bang, Bounce & Bang!!" Straight out of Paris we got Mr.Kaptain Cadillac this guy has a big name when it comes to Ghetto Tech music! Get ready to Enjoy this killer track he made for his EP "Deville 1974" Which you can get on Juno!

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