Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bounce Dat Ass On Da Flo
(Top 10 fav. Juke tracks we found on Soundcloud)

Of course you already know who this guy is.. Alex Supremee from Chicago he'll probably be on the blog very often since he earned a big name in the music industry in Chicago, anyways... This song was featured in the AudioTekz's "This Way I Get Down" Ep which is probably available somewhere on soundcloud. Check out Alex Supremee's remix of the "This Way I Get Down" track!

Not that long ago we blogged one of Juke Ellington's tracks "6 Minutes Of Ghetto" well here's another Juke track from Mr.Ellington... This guy can pretty much make a Juke track in 10 minutes! If your a big fan of Juke music you should keep your ears open on this guy!

Roll a joint, Smoke until you float on the moon, Grab a Hoe and Juke to this track by Chicago Dead Beats very own Dj Dice! Ft. Torrio Jetson... This song can guarantee you a nut bust when Jukin' with a Hoe on the dance floor!

When Da Hoes At? Once you find one grab her from the back and Juke on her until she falls on the floor with this killer track from Chicago Dead Beat's very own Nader! Ft. Dj Dice who's also on CDB this killer track would be a great starter on your next Juke set!

If your a Kelly Rowland fan than I can guarantee you'll love this Juke remix by EXstacy's very own Dj KidPhresh! Get ready to get your Juke on to this killer track!

Who you think your fuckin' with? Check out this dope track by Ghetto Division's very own D-51 ft. Lefonze some dope Juke/Footwork music to show off your dance moves on the dance floor!

If your from Chicago you know you heard of Pineapple's "Come On Closer" track, Well of course you do! It's a classic! But we bet you haven't heard it as a Juke track? Well maybe it's time you do! Check out this killer Juke remix by Menoz!

"Came to the club sober, But i'm leaving here sloppy!" Check out this dope remix by REMS bringing you this killer Juke/Footwork music all the way from Chicago!

If your from Chicago and lives on the Southside you just have to know who's Hit Em' Up and Second City! These groups bring you the most dopest parties in Chicago's southside! Well here's the HEU and SCU anthem by HEU's very own Dj Chi-C!

If your a big fan of Daft Punk and always loved their song "Around The World" (Even though they keep on saying the same thing over and over again) than we can guarantee you'll orgasm to this Juke track by Hit Em Up's very own Dj Daniijamz!

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