Thursday, February 16, 2012

BMore Thursdays
Top 10 Bmore tracks on soundcloud

Check this out! Every Thursday we're bringing you the dopest Bmore songs that we find on soundcloud! Get ready for some fresh BMore tracks so you play on your next Dj Set!

From Chicago we got Double Oh Pimo! Fellow member of Chicago's very own Stereobots, Get ready to back it up to this killer track he made with his other fellow Stereobot member D-Bot!

"She so cool, Give head with her shades on!" This has been one of our workers personal favorite when he Dj's...  *cough* Sype *cough* Anyways... Enjoy this track! This is a certified banger if the crowd is a Kanye West fan!

Up next we got two dope guys from two dope groups.. First we got Ghetto Division's very own DJ Rampage he's very well known when it comes to the Chicago House Music Scene, Second we got Chicago Dead Beats very own Nader.. Together these guys bring you a Bmoreton (BMore & Moombahton combined) remix of Billy The Gent & Long Jawns "Vibrate" track!

"They screaming, Tupac Back!"... Check out this dope BMore remix made by Jon Kwest! Play this track at your next event and watch all the females get an orgasm with the sound of Rick Ross's grunt... Ugh!

If your a big fan of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg than you probably remember this song "Still D.R.E."... Well if you do get ready to hear this remix brought to you from 2Deep.. A fellow producer from California! We can guarantee your gonna have all the ghetto chicks dancing their asses off to this remix!

"Give good brain, Give good brain, Give good brain" Next time you receive some brain from the hoe from down the block make sure you play this song after she finishes by showing her that she did a good job! Check out this dope track by Alex Supremee!

If your a big fan of Childish Gambino than most likely you'll also be a fan of Ozzie-X as he brings you this killer BMore remix of Childish Gambino's "Got This Money" Get ready to play this song when you see a fine chick at the next event your spinning at!

"I've been thinking about you, Do you think about the same?" Check out this remix of Frank Ocean's track by Phi Unit from New York... Some chillin' BMore music.

If your a Cold Play fan than you'll probably love this Bmore remix by Chicago Deat Beat's very own Dj Dice Ft. Cure ... These guys smoked some bowls of loud tripped out and BAM! You got this bangin' remix of Cold Play's "Clocks."

Get ready to get headsprung to this song by Stereobot's very own Syko this guy has gotten support from no other than Diplo! If he's gotten support from him than you know Syko must be doing something right... Check out this bangin' track by him!

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